daisuki(na) Nihongo Kurasu ~ Two New Japanese Phrases

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This week, two new illustrations rolled out of daisukinaland, Good Night KUMURUSU-KUN! and DJ BARII Having a Good Day.

Good Night KUMURUSU-KUN! features the fluffy adorable polar bear KUMURUSU-KUN sleeping with his head hanging off the bed. The art piece is captioned "お休みなさい", pronounced "oh-ya-su-mi-na-sai", which means "goodnight" in Japanese.

(o) - Honorific suffix added for being a polite, well mannered person.

(yasu)(mi) - (Noun) Rest / break / vacation / absence / suspension.

(na)(sa)(i) - (Verb) Honorific version of "(su)(ru)", which means "to do".

In the Japanese language, sometimes they'd add  "to do" after a noun to turn it into a verb. For example:

(te)(ne)(su) (Tennis) + (su)(ru) (To do) = To play tennis

(ryo)() (Journey) + (su)(ru) (To do) = To travel

(yasu)(mi) (Rest) + (su)(ru) (To do) = To rest / to relax / to break

So there. "お休みなさい" literally translates to "to rest", but means "goodnight" in English.

The second design, DJ BARII Having a Good Day, is captioned "良い日だった".

(yo)(i) - (Adjective) Good / fine / nice / pleasant

(hi) - (Adverbial noun) Day

(da)(ta) - (Auxiliary verb) Past tense of "だ", means "is", or "was" in this case

つ is pronounced "tsu", but when it's written in a smaller scale, it acts as a slight pause instead. If you think of each character is one beat, then the small "" means you'd pause for one beat between the "だ" and "た".

Together, it translates to "good day was". Japanese sentences are in the SOV order, subject-object-verb. So, verb always goes to the very end. Like our previous sentence "お休みなさい", "rest, to do", the verb goes after the noun. If you have no idea, English is in the SVO order, subject-verb-object. For example:

English - KUMURUSU-KUN((Subject)) eats((Verb)) apples((Object)). / Japanese - KUMURUSU-KUN(Subject) apples(Object) eats(Verb).

English - DJ BARII((Subject)) raps((Verb)) songs((Object)). / Japanese - DJ BARII(Subject) songs(Object) raps(Verb).

Anyway, that's all for now. I'm supposed to write about how great the shirts are, but ended up explaining Japanese. I might as well start from the very beginning of Japanese if you guys are interested. Well, see y'll again next time!

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